Exotic Destinations

There is no more grateful tourist for a travel agent than one who wants to see something exotic. Exotic stands for mysteriously different or unusual  vacation spots. The official Europe and inhabited, though once exotic, south - Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and similar countries with a focus on mass beach tourism. The rest of the choice is huge: South America and the Caribbean, secluded islands in the heart of the ocean - you want, Pacific, you want, Indian or Atlantic, questre Africa and the mysterious Southeast Asia, the original Australia - in short, a good hundred countries on the four continents and in their vicinity.

What is attractive exoticism in today's globalized world with single currencies and united visa regimes is isolation, isolation and unusualness. Agree, it is one thing to go to Italy: opera houses, museums, sculptures, cobbled streets, And quite another - to visit Japan: stick ritual, rules of politeness, remember that can only genius, tea ceremony and gardens of stones - all surprising, impressive!

If we try to divide the exotic into categories, then we will have a natural and so called, human exotic. The first includes landscapes that are unusual for the Human’s eyes - whether it be the foggy Rwenjura, between Uganda and Congo  mountains or the Kilimanjaro bowl, the rock giants of the islands of Thailand thrown into the ocean like an incautious divine hand, or sandy spaces escaping beyond the horizon, the Uluru monolith burning in the setting fires or the formidable Victoria Falls. Exotic human - this is amazing for us traditions, culture and rules of behavior.

Exotic spots voyages will give a lot to the sensitive traveler. First of all, of course, admiration for the diversity of the world, in which, at times, so strikingly different cultures coexist.

One of the exotic vacation spots is Pink Beach, Harbor Island in the Bahamas.

Of course, the Bahamas is a very famous resort, but there are still places Virgin from human activities . Among these rare places is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - the Pink Beach, which stretches for several kilometers. There are practically no people here, the pale coral color and extremely soft to the touch sand are provided, in fact, by the corals themselves, as well as microorganisms called foraminifera with pink shells. It is summer here all year round, making Pink Beach a true paradise.

Another exotic vacation spot is The beach in Waipio Valley. It’s only 6 km long and 5 km wide. An island in the south of Thailand, which has hardly been touched by a human foot. In addition, most of the beach is Jungle, which is located in a conservation area, which makes the beach an incredibly attractive destination.

Cape Kaliakra is a long and narrow promontory in the north of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located 12 km east of the city of Kavarna and 60 km northeast of the city of Varna. The name Kaliakra is traditionally translated as beautiful cape (from Greek). On all sides, the cape is bordered by steep rocky shores of a red (sometimes even more reddish-brown) color, the height of which in some places reaches 70 meters. For thousands of years, sea water has eaten away at the coast, creating many niches, arches and caves, many of which are accessible only from the sea.