Cruise Destinations

Cruise travel - in the original meaning - sea voyage. Currently, the concept has expanded, travel companies began to offer, in addition to sea cruises, river cruises and train cruises. Currently, regular ferries are also used for cruises, which, in addition to passengers, carry goods and cars. For example, Silly Line has 12-deck ferries in the Baltic, with a casino and a nightclub on board; they are designed for up to 3,000 passengers.

On the other hand, you can go on a cruise on a small ship - for example, in recent decades, cruising sailing yachts or catamarans with a capacity of 4 to 12 people have become increasingly popular. Cruise yachts are fully equipped with everything necessary for life (sleeping places, refrigerator, stove, toilet, shower, etc.) The duration of such a cruise travel is from one week. The crew usually consists of one or two people (moreover, if you have sufficient qualifications the participants of the cruise can operate the yacht themselves). The most popular Cruise Destinations for sailing cruises are the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Baltic Sea.

Nowadays, cruises on large liners (huge passenger ship/boat), which represent entire cities, are popular. On the average liner, you can find a library, a cinema, huge banquet halls, restaurants for all tastes, gyms, a climbing wall, full SPA services; any kind of shops and even a central park with real trees. A typical modern liner consists of about 12 passenger decks. All liners are equipped with pitch stabilizers, so the passengers can’t feel pitching. And the rolling is difficult to feel as well. 

During the warmer months (April to October), the most popular Cruise Destinations are the Mediterranean. In autumn, as a rule, liners go on transatlantic cruises lasting ten days and continue their voyage to the islands of the Caribbean, Brazil, etc. Cruises in Asia are also very popular in winter. In the spring, most of the liners return to Europe.

Cruise travel begins with choosing a Cruise company. Good prices, European quality, a large selection of routes around the world, free children on board and a warm welcome atmosphere.
Cruise Destinations like  Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Sea,Civitavecchia (Rome), La Spezia (Florence), Savona, Marseille, Barcelona are called Classic route. 

If you like a Romantic cruise travel, we are suggesting Cruise Destinations,Civitavecchia (Rome), sea,The Island of Santorini;  Kusadasi, Isl. Mykonos, sea, Naples, Civitavecchia (Rome)
Such of cruise Route is so  romantic, beautiful  in the Greek Islands. Delicious seafood and the most breathtaking views. Those very white churches with blue domes against the backdrop of emerald water.
Great Cruise Destinations in Asia is Hong Kong, 2 days sea, 2 days Shanghai, 3 days sea, 3 days Beijing, Dalian, sea, Nagasaki, sea, Yokohama (Tokyo)
Such of cruise travel  offers beautiful cruises in Asia on the redesigned liners.

All routes are different, and the main feature of each of them is the abundance of overnight stops and, as a result, the opportunity to spend twice as much time on the shore without spending extra money on hotel and food.

We at our company hope, you can make informed choice for your cruise travel and Cruise Destinations.