Many experienced travelers have certainly appreciated the autonomy and the ability to plan a route as they wish. But traveling by car or train, also means stunningly beautiful views outside the window. By writing this article will tell you which routes in Europe will make your heart beat faster, your face to show WOW emotion and your camera will be in use, quite often. Traveling to Europe or in Europa by air will denude you from such of pleasure.

Once you go on a trip behind the wheel, and most likely, you will not exchange this way of traveling for anything. Imagine how many wonderful places you can see on the way from one point to another - in any of them you can stop, walk, have dinner and even stay for a couple of days to relax if you really like the place too much. So, that the way journey doesn't get too tiring. 
Lt’s the journey  begins:
The high mountains and the Grossglockner in Austria. Especially Grossglockner High Alpine Road.  The mountain road blends harmoniously into the landscape, offers a unique mountain view. The road connects Carinthia and Salzburg, winding with unthinkable turns that make you dizzy. 

100 km along the picturesque Italian province from the town of Pianoro, which is not far from Bologna, and to Florence itself. When you hit the road, you will not only see the majestic beauty of the Apennines Mountains, but also visit Tuscany, the country's legendary wine region. And here you can choose what you like! I do suggest, it is best time to go in September. When the the wines are ready for tasting!

It’s difficult not to be impressed by Keukenhof’s huge area of spring flowers. Adorned with tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and more. It is Holland’s little piece of spring paradise. 
We can’t miss to mansion Swiss part of High Alps. The impressive landscape within the property has played an important role in European art, literature, mountaineering and alpine tourism. The area is globally recognized as one of the most spectacular mountain in Europe regions to visit and be attracted.

Another unforgettable for you it will be Spain, if you visit it by car or train.
It’s quite too difficult to describe just few places, since there are so many to go through. But, Barcelona is a city founded in the 1st century BC, is renowned for its art and architecture and is a perfect place to begin your Spain road trip! Especially if it’s off-season! Otherwise over crowded. 

City of Cuenca is impressive  and known for its hanging houses or casa cogadas. The city is a well-preserved fortified medieval city. Set high on the edge of the River Huécar gorge. 
Matera in Italy is another city built on the edge of the cliffs but with caves are built into the steep cliffs wall instead of wooden houses.

There are so much places to see if you travel by Car and Train in European Union. And those will be unforgettable trips full of adventures you can talk about very long time in your life!