Asia - Top three places you should visit 
Asia is the largest of the seven continents on Earth, taking up to 30% of the Earth's total land area (44,579,000 km) and its population consist of 60% of the population in the world (Asia's population as of June 2019 counts 4.5 billion people). Many of the first civilizations in the world find their roots in this continent (such as the Sumerian civilization), which makes it a great place to learn history, observe ruins from the old times and find culture which one cannot find anywhere else. Another significant characteristic for Asia is the climate which is opposite to the climate in Europe which means that when in Europe is winter in Asia the weather is nice and warm, and that allows Europe originated travellers, to escape the cold winters in their lands, and to enjoy nice summer weather in Asia. 
Asia is one of the most preferred continents for travelling, as it impresses with its incredible tasty cuisine, low prices, incredible nature and thousands of unique places to visit. In this article you are going to learn about three places, which are a must-go on the travellers list. 

The Dead Sea, located between Palestine, Jordan and Israel is the saltiest water pool in the world. With its salt levels, which score around 10% above the salt level of the Ocean, it is a great attraction, as in this lake you just cannot sink even if you try. As the water density is so high you naturally float on top of the water. Because of its location it is surrounded with religious monuments, and religious historical places such as the Qumran Caves in the Judean Dessert, where have been found ancient religious Jewish and Hebrew manuscripts. The Dead Sea is definitely a place you should visit, at least once in your life.
Another astonishing destination for traveling in Asia is the Phuket Island in Thailand. The gorgeous wild beaches, the greenest nature, and the tastiest food you will ever experience, are the qualities of this piece of heaven on Earth. Apart from its attractive beaches and delicious cuisine, the island also provides the chance to visit the old part of it where you can find numerous unique temples, old buildings and many museums in which one can learn a bit about the history of this sacred place.

And last but not least, we want to introduce to you Laos in Cambodia. This town is like a gold mine for all tourists. The diverse waterfalls, natural forest parks, innumerable big and magical temples, astonishing caves and hills and the big day and night markets make this place a top destination to be visited from everybody who loves nature, history, strong culture and good food. 

These and many more places in Asia will leave you with amazing memories and colourful emotions. As the history and the culture of this big continent are so different than the ones of the other continents, that makes it a great place for tourism for people who want to see something different, want to learn about the life of the people there and for people who want to be a part of the majestic nature of Asia.